Yeon Jeong Kim


I do graphic design and illustration for commercial. I draw something and make books as an artist. I've been drawing with colored pencils so far. I want to draw a story someday those who go on their journey in a precarious but tough way.

The following is about my artist book <by Cala>

November Last year, I publish my first artist book <by Cala>. It's handmade accordion book and limited edition of 100 copies. I drew 9 caladiums by colored pencil. These artworks are arranged alternately with sentences like poem. I wrote the sentences myself. Since COVID-19 started, I was very lonely at the time. I started putting plant (Caladium Strawberry Star) in the room. 

A few months later, the plant died. I think it was weird that there is plant in my room. Plant takes root in a perfect environment and lives for the rest of life.

Was my room perfect for them? I don't think so. In addition, I isolated in my room physically and mentally with my two legs that can go anywhere. I started drawing the caladium and it became the idea of this work. This book contains the hope that after a period of isolation with two feet tied, one day I will walk out on two legs. But still, there's no clear way forward and there's no conviction that binds the current chaotic mind. I was just trying to honestly record the steps of staying before going somewhere. This attitude is similar to waiting for the right time to calm down the excited mind.

A self-portrait / 2023, colored pencil, 260*370mm

After the rain / 2020, colored pencil, 815*443mm

by Cala / 2022, limited handmade accordion book / 940*1230mm


Sookmyung Woman University: Graduated, February 2013 / Graphic design (BA)

SI Picturebook: Graduated, April 2020


<Closer and deeper>: Group exhibition(Art story ZARI) / 2023

<by Cala> Artist book's original paintings solo exhibition(B-PLATFORM) / 2022

Artist Book

by Cala (2022, Publisher: B-PLATFORM, Editor: B-PLATFORM LAB)

Yeon Jeong Kim