Light and Memory prioritize the embrace of diversity in both the medium, disciplines and personal stories originating from different geographical locations.

Light and Memory: Journal of Storytelling Scholarship/Art Organization represents an inclusive and multidisciplinary movement that emphasizes the diverse range of mediums and fields involved. 

Our primary focus is on storytelling and its various aspects, whether in academic or practical contexts, which motivates it to explore potential projects. In order to encompass a wide spectrum of subjects, 
Light and Memory eagerly showcases diverse disciplines such as visual and sound arts, architecture and education that share connections with the art of storytelling.

What profoundly inspires and drives us to envision future topics or conferences for Light and Memory is our firm belief in constant growth and the rejuvenation of our perspectives with each upcoming magazine issue.

Light and Memory solely relies on personal funds and operates as a completely independent entity, not representing or sponsored by any other organization. However, we are open to potential collaborations with other organizations for our future events. If you have any inspiring ideas in mind, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to email us with your thoughts.

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2022 Light and Memory Conference / Palimpsest progressive tendencies

We are deeply pleased to announce that Light and Memory 2022 Conference / "Palimpsest Progressive Tendencies" will be on the next Saturday, 25 June at 19.00 UK Time. Looking forward to meeting you all there!

2021 Light and Memory Conference /Storytelling: sketchbooks, visual voices and silent narratives

Very pleased and excited to announce that Saturday 21st August, Light and Memory Conference day with Gary Clough from the Royal College of Art! We will talk about storytelling through sketchbooks, visual voices and silent narratives. Hope to see you all there next weekend!

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