Shrinkings and Stoppage


Kim HanByul Seoul, Korea

Egg, 2022, Mixed media on paper, 87×61×5.5cm.
Egg, 2022, Mixed media on paper, 87×61×5.5cm.

She started visual art by exploring boundaries between picture books and fine art through studying Chinese Culture. She is interested in contradictions, layers within the individual. Especially the contradictions of different emotions, tastes and desires. She thinks that individuals are a disjointed, overlapping, and contradictory narrative. And the narrative comes from the environment in which it is placed. So she likes to install and show her artworks in a physical space.

She is also interested in making artworks that are influenced by the environment, such as time, space, and the people who visit there. She often uses fragile media and media dependent on chance. She thinks it is natural to be influenced by, change, and break down by the things we encounter.And she is not interested in creating neat and tidy works. Because she thinks that way isn't appropriate to express contradictions or confusion.

She likes drawing. Because she thinks drawing is a direct way of interacting with objects and images. When she draws, she doesn't set a perfect destination. She knows what she wants to draw, but she doesn't know how it will be finished. While drawing, she observes the object and the images, constantly thinking about where she is going and where she will stop.

Shrinkings & Stoppage, 2022, Mixed media on papers & clothes, dimensions variable. It is installed by mixing two different artworks according to the exhibition space. [2022, Loose, Bukchon Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea] Shrinkings 2022. Acrylic, marker on lace. 102×160cm. Stoppage 2021. Mixed media on papers & clothes. dimensions variable.

Self-portrait 3, 2022, Mixed media on various papers & canvas, dimensions variable. 

She also practices with the artist group 'YiSamGongPi' (@230p_) along with five other artists.