Seo Yeon Lee


Winter is bitterly cold, but the snowy landscape is beautiful and warm. Perfect reality is either too dry or overly energized to suffocate. Which one is real? Dreams and reality became more and more mixed and ambiguous within me, and by the time I got lost, it became a painting.

To a place where I can really exist and live.


-2023.02 <Closer and deeper> at Art Story Zari Gallery

-2022.02-06 <Unprinted ideas 3rd> at MOKA Museum

-2021.12 <About love> at Gallery 41

-2021.09 <The bench> at B-platform Gallery


-Bologna Ragazzi Award 2023 Opera prima special mention

-Insper design Award 2023 Golden paper

Seo Yeon Lee (Mia)