Dustin Carpenter

                  The steps one takes on an artistic journey can be both unknown and unbelievably invigorating at the same time. There is an essence found at the core of every artistic discipline, the spirit of creation and discovery. The deepest teachings of communion and dedication found in each medium can be directly applied to our daily lives. Through pursuit, hunting a near elusive and mystical creature, the artist creeps closer to uncovering and releasing transcendence into the world.

In the study of sound, an ancient key to language and the structure of the foundation of the universe is revealed. Once a communication device, the idea of a musical drum has evolved beyond something both legendary and immortal in the course of two thousand years. Merging with the microprocessor, this ancient technology has stayed alive through translation into electricity, and the unprecedented and timeless joy rhythm brings to humanity. Our desire to recognize patterns and feel emotions allows us to conjure the most heartwarming vocalists and incendiary guitar solos performed at a moment's notice on an illuminated device. Much like the masters of the past, many have passed beyond the veil and onto the next adventure. We are able to have our fill of the distilled moments of a lifetime, the unpleasant and unnecessary stripped away from our manufactured taste by laboratory technicians of the highest regard.

My relationship with sound is exactly that, a relationship of give and take, listening and communicating. Enticed at an early age by the raw passion and bombastic quality of drums and percussion, I dove head first into the ocean of music with little regard to my personal safety. Touring, teaching, and recording internationally equates to many miles traveled, numerous encounters with incredible people, and moments one could only describe as soul satisfying. Through, this pursuit I've encountered my truth and I've become multifaceted in my approach to sound and the world. Memories of the best of times become the nuclear fuel needed to endure the worst, taming the darkness, illuminating the great work.

Adapting as technology constantly made an impact on culture, rippling outward to every member, I continue to make progress and pursue projects with transformative power. For nearly a decade I've been using raw electricity to shape sound waves that correspond to energetic centers of the body, providing stress relief, calmness, and a positive space for meditation and yoga. Completely improvised, surrendering to the sound and the intuition, I've found a temple of peace and solitude inside a universe of sound. I invite you to experience this universe with me during my pursuits, ever reverent of the giants whose shoulders we reside, navigating the oncoming time and tide.