Light and Memory Interview with Japanese Artist Eri Kato


Japanese artist, born in 1967, utilizes discarded materials, such as cardboard boxes to create. She grew up in Aichi. She completed the B Semi Schooling System in Kanagawa. In 1995, Eri had the first showing of her works during the Hakushu Art Festival, Yamanashi. Since then, she has had a lot of art exhibitions and competitions, and has received several art awards. 

"My task as an artist is to reconstruct the things which have become unnecessary in daily life, and create new value out of those things. "

I guess we can say that natural materials and forms mostly preside in your works. 

How was your journey up to this point? What reflections of Japanese life culture can we see on this journey? 

As a child, I was taught to handle things with great care. I myself grew up in a typical Japanese house that is about 100 years old. Maybe that's part of the reason, I loved the old things so much.

However, as time went by, Japan became a real consumer's society with cheaply made products. As a result, some things disappeared from our lives. I felt a strong sense of incongruity. 

That is what drove me to use scrap things.

Can we say that you chase a story in your artistic production process? If so, could you tell us what sort of story is this? At this point, do you think your inner impulses are directing you to with the help of your medium? 

I must confess I don't think that much of the story. I make the works with a balance, form, and composition. 

Especially in works on paper, improvisation and coincidence are often utilized.

At certain moments, they show their expressions and sometimes feel as if they are alive. It may give rise to a spontaneous story.

Within the triangle of material, inwardness and storytelling, what kind of relationship do you think the spaces where you "install" your works have connection with your works? 

I always think of things in terms of relative relationships... The most important thing is how to pause.

When installing a work, the relationship between the space and the work is reversed. When I hold a solo exhibition, I think of the space as one work of art and create the installation. 

Many thanks to Eri for her sincerity and inspiring talk! To see more of her work please go to her page, or

1967 Born in Aichi, Japan
1994 Complete B Semi schooling system

Solo exhibitions

2020-2022, 2018-2013, 2011 Heart Field Gallery, Aichi, Japan

2016,2015 Art Project of the farm village stage at shrine of Toyota, Aichi, Japan

2014 "Let's play together", Aichi Children's Center, Aichi, Japan

2006 Gallery Rei, Aichi, Japan

1996 Shinsakura Gallery, Aichi, Japan

1995 Gallery Miyu, Tokyo, Japan

Group exhibitions
2021 "Gendaibijutu no saho", Kyokusho Museum, Gifu, Japan

2021 "DelicARTessen 20", galleria esther montoriol, Barcelona, Spain

2020 "Papier Skulptural at VfaKR, Oberhausen, Germany

2020 The 6th Small Sized Art Works Exhibition, Aria Gallery, Teheran, Iran(Online)

2018 EWAAC International Exchange Exhibition, London, UK

2015 Fan de Nagoya Art Exhibition, Aichi, Japan

2013 Japan Antinuclear Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

1995 Hakushu Art Festival, Yamanashi, Japan

Selected exhibitions (Awards)

2022 "Reminiscence", Florence Contemporary Gallery, Italy(Online)

2021 "Limitless", Florence Contemporary Gallery, Italy(Online)

2021 "Rebirth", Florence Contemporary Gallery, Italy(Online)

2021 "Far But Close", Florence Contemporary Gallery, Italy(Online)

2020 "ART UNITED" Art Competition 4th prize, NY, USA(Online)

2019 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Finalists Exhibition, NY, USA

2019 Premier Art Award finalists exhibition, London, UK

2017-2015 EWAAC Finalists Exhibition, London, UK

2015 4th Asago Art Competition, Asago Art Village Museum, Hyogo, Japan

2013 The winner of the Japan Antinuclear Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

1997 2th Art Kobo finalists exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

1996 Phillip Morris Art Award finalists exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

Permanent Sculpture
Okazaki Shinkin Bank, Ida branch, Aichi, Japan

Artist in Residence
2018 EWAAC Artist in Residence, UK