Light and Memory: Journal of Storytelling Scholarship/Art Organization represents an inclusive and multidisciplinary movement that emphasizes the diverse range of mediums and fields involved. 

Our primary focus is on storytelling and its various aspects, whether in academic or practical contexts, which motivates it to explore potential projects. In order to encompass a wide spectrum of subjects,
Light and Memory eagerly showcases diverse disciplines such as visual and sound arts, architecture and education that share connections with the art of storytelling.

Sim Hee Jung, a lively force in Seoul's art scene, harmoniously blends tradition and innovation. As an artist, she navigates the city's evolving trends, embracing diverse mediums from ceramics to painting and book publishing. Sim's Art Story Zari gallery reflects her commitment to fostering relationships, exploring human connections and space. Her...

Yeon Jeong Kim


I do graphic design and illustration for commercial. I draw something and make books as an artist. I've been drawing with colored pencils so far. I want to draw a story someday those who go on their journey in a precarious but tough way.

Sujin Lee


The nature flows green inside my light-off heart, leaving some mark behind, and walking along with that mark, I am in the landscape at some point.

Minjeong Ko


어느 날, 문득 소라의 껍데기를 그리고 싶어졌다. 왜 갑자기 이 소재에 끌리게 되었을까.

Seo Yeon Lee


Winter is bitterly cold, but the snowy landscape is beautiful and warm. Perfect reality is either too dry or overly energized to suffocate. Which one is real? Dreams and reality became more and more mixed and ambiguous within me, and by the time I got lost, it became a painting.

Jaewon An


I paint my inner landscape. My paintings are visual representations of human emotions and the unconscious mind, rather than real images. I think my work is similar to dreams in that it uses unknown meanings and symbols, the story starts abruptly, and there is no logical flow.

Hanbyul Kim


I focus on portraying individuals as a set of distinct parts. By using layered or fragmented images, I express the human form.

Aromsaemi Kim


'Ash'는 내면에 대한 기록으로 두려움, 공허, 불안, 우울의 가시적인 형상입니다. 누구의 내면이던지 크고 작은 불안과 우울, 두려움이 있을 것입니다. '애쉬'는 숨기고 싶었던 불안하고 우울한 저의 모습이 투영되어 사람의 형상을 하게 되었습니다. 애쉬의 주변에 살아 숨 쉬는 모든 것들은 살아가는 동안 나의 내면에 다시 채워지는 것들 입니다. 아름다운 것들로 다시 가꾸면 우리의 내면은 기꺼이 아름다워 집니다. '애쉬'는 그런 내면에 대한 이야기입니다....

Foba Architects, based in Kyoto, Japan, is the architectural office we had the opportunity to visit. During our visit, we had the pleasure of conversing with Katsu Umebayashi, the founder of the office, and Akihiko Endo, who has been collaborating with him for a long period. Over the years, they have developed a unique and recognizable...

Randy Duburke, an award-winning artist, mostly his works featured in DC Comics, Marvel, MacMillian Books, The New York Times and so on... He spent the majority of his life in New York. Currently he lives with his family in Switzerland. Sometime ago, we had a great chance to talk about him about his career and creative process to this day....

Since she painted the picture book "The box", she has been working as a picture book creator and illustrator in South Korea. She held an exhibition with her original paintings from the picture book, "The box".

She started visual art by exploring boundaries between picture books and fine art through studying Chinese Culture. She is interested in contradictions, layers within the individual. Especially the contradictions of different emotions, tastes and desires. She thinks that individuals are a disjointed, overlapping, and contradictory narrative. And...

Adam Foy studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in the mid 2000s. Having worked on a variety of projects over the years including short films, music videos and animation, he currently works in the gallery sector alongside freelance photography and illustration projects. Through his personal work he constructs semi-improvised narratives that...

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